Study Manuals

The RAISE Early Treatment Program was designed to be implemented in diverse community clinics across the U.S. The program was developed to have sufficient flexibility to be carried out in urban, suburban or semi rural areas, where patient flow and resources can vary enormously. To increase the relevance of findings to state and local administrators, we were especially mindful that major components of our program were feasible and available to patients and families under the usual reimbursement constraints faced by mental health clinics serving individuals with recent onset psychosis or schizophrenia. We are pleased to share our training and treatment manuals with those interested in developing first episode psychosis programs.

As part of this NIMH-funded project, we have had the opportunity to train over 200 community mental health professionals from a variety of disciplines at 17 clinics in multiple areas of the country. Following training, these individuals mastered the principles of coordinated specialty care for first episode psychosis and went on to design, staff, and implement an appropriate program. During the past two years these clinics have treated over 220 individuals utilizing “NAVIGATE” - an integrated treatment program for first episode psychosis. This multi-disciplinary, team-based treatment model was developed by a group of leading experts in medical, psychosocial, and supported employment and education interventions for early psychosis. We have learned an enormous amount from these efforts and believe that those planning similar initiatives can benefit from our experiences and those of the clinic staff who have worked with us.

Members of the RAISE Early Treatment Program team are available for consultation regarding the implementation of coordinated specialty care approaches for first episode psychosis. To arrange a consultation, contact us at or contact Patricia Marcy at 347-439-8035.

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